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Across Standalone Personal Edition

Download a full version of the Across Personal Edition. Please observe the system requirements, the download size of 457 MB, and the installation guide.

To safe your existing Across databases and to restore them to your Across Personal Edition at a later point in time, please note chapter "Backup/Restore" in the admin manual.

Start download Personal Edition v6 now!

Please register here to keep on using the Across Personal Edition after the test version has expired.

Note: If you are already using Personal Edition version 5.7 with a valid license key, you do not need to register again for the update to Personal Edition version 6.

Across Updates

The same file can be used for new installations and for updating older versions to the latest Across version 6.

In contrast to older versions of the Across Personal Edition, the patch packages of the Across Language Server can no longer be used to patch/update the Across Personal Edition.

Short update manual for the Across Personal Edition:

  1. Before updating to version 6.0, please upload all open tasks to your customer’s server and create a backup of your data. Please note chapter “Backup/Restore” in the admin manual.
  2. Download the Across Personal Edition v6 (file size: 457 MB).
  3. Installation of the update. Please note our system system requirements and follow the installation guide.

Start download Personal Edition v6 now!

User and administrator manuals, information on the latest Across version and much more additional information is available in our Documentation Center.

Across Update, Support and License Conditions

Here you will find Information on Across update and support conditions*.

Here you will find information on Across license conditions.

Netviewer Sharing Tool 

For online presentations and technical issues a desktop sharing tool will be used by sales/support.

Download Netviewer application (2 MB)

Please download the required application and insert the conference number you got from sales/support.

*As of 01.08.2012, Across Systems has changed its update and support conditions. Existing contracts remain valid. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions.

crossPoints - Across Qualification Program

Start collecting crossPoints now, e.g. for the online and on-site training sessions you participate in, to give your customers an idea of your Across experience and skills.


Migrating to Across

Do you already have experience with other CAT tools and want to migrate to Across?
The document 'Tips for Translators Who Migrate to Across' contains useful information for you!


Across Language Server

The Across Language Server serves as a central platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes.


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