Download Across Translator Edition v6.3

Install the software, activate it with your crossMarket login, and get started immediately

Across Translator Edition – Basic or Premium Package

The new Across Translator Edition has replaced the Across Personal Edition. Your CAT tool is now always bundled with your crossMarket account.

You can choose between two packages with different function scopes:

  • Free basic package including crossMarket basic membership and the Across Translator Basic Edition
  • Chargeable premium package including crossMarket premium membership and the Across Translator Premium Edition

Function Scope

Across Translator Basic Edition Premium Edition
Free updates
Your support level Basic Premium
Concurrent connection to customers with Across Language Servers 1 Unlimited
Unlimited processing of personal projects (standalone mode)
Integration of local TMs and terminology in the Offline Client*
Use on different computers 1 2
Your crossMarket profile Basic Premium

Get started now with the free basic package

  1. Download the Across Translator Edition.
  2. Register at
  3. Activate the software with the crossMarket login the first time you start it.

From your crossMarket account, you can upgrade to the premium package whenever you wish.

Installation and Update with the Same File

The same file can be used both for installing Across and for updating to the latest Across version. To import existing data, refer to the chapter "Backup/Restore" in the user manual.

If you currently use an Across version older than v6.0, please contact our help desk for information on how to update.