Download Across Personal Edition v6 Free of Charge

With the new version 6 the installation of the Personal Edition has been greatly simplified.

The same file can be used both for the new installation and for the update to the current Across version 6.

The user interface is available in English, French, and German.

One installation, two utilization modes: Across Personal Edition as Standalone Personal Edition and as Standby Remote Client

The installation comprises the Standalone Personal Edition and the Standby Remote Client. Each time you start the Across Personal Edition, you can decide how you wish to use Across. Two fundamentally different, entirely independent modes are available to you.

Standalone Personal Edition

Standalone operation is the conventional way of using the Personal Edition, especially if you are a freelance translator. You work completely independently, that is, without any connection to an Across Language Server, and the data is saved locally in a database on your computer.

Standby Remote Client

Using the Personal Edition as Standby Remote Client, you can access the Across Language Servers of your customers (e.g. translation agencies). You can log in to the Across Server of your customer by means of a softkey that is made available to you by your customer. Subsequently, you can download all relevant data of your translation task (source text and TM/terminology entries) to your computer. This softkey contains both the license for the use of the Personal Edition as a Standby Remote Client for the particular server and the connection details.

PE-v6 (33353 Byte)

Download a full version of the Across Personal Edition v6 (new installation and update). Please observe the system requirements, the download size of 457 MB, and the installation guide. To import existing data, refer to the chapter "Backup/Restore" in the user manual.

Download a full version of the Across Personal Edition v6 now.

The free use of the Personal Edition applies to freelance translators only. Use by other users might constitute a violation of license terms. Freelance translators can only get free support via the Across Help Desk.

Various training offers are available to familiarize you with Across. Additionally, Across regularly offers free online training sessions for freelance translators.

Please register now to keep on using the Across Personal Edition after the trial version has expired.

AcrossV6SmallEnglish (2129 Byte)

crossPoints - Across Qualification Program

Start collecting crossPoints now, e.g. for the online and on-site training sessions you participate in, to give your customers an idea of your Across experience and skills.


Migrating to Across

Do you already have experience with other CAT tools and want to migrate to Across?
The document 'Tips for Translators Who Migrate to Across' contains useful information for you!


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