More Than a Mere CAT Tool

Translation Toolkit and Sales Potential under One Roof

Across offers the needed features for every project and facilitates the search for new customers

Across Translator Edition

The Across Translator Edition is the next generation of the Across Personal Edition. Apart from features that enable you to translate more efficiently, the new concept comprises your crossMarket membership. The new online network for Across users assists you in exploring new sales potential and generating revenue. Of course you can join crossMarket even if you are still using the Across Personal Edition.

Easy Networking with Your Customers

To receive orders from customers who have an Across Language Server, you can use the Across Translator Edition as Offline Client. For this purpose, your customer will give you a softkey that contains the license for connecting the Offline Client to the respective server as well as the connection details. This is possible both in the basic variant and in the premium variant. Additionally, the Across Translator Premium Edition enables you to process and check out orders without connecting to any Across Language Server.

The Database as Central Repository

In Across, you work on the basis of databases that are installed together with your Across Translator Edition. All data – translation memory and terminology entries, source and target texts, and project data – are stored centrally on your computer. Depending on the settings configured by your customer, you may be able to store the translation memory and terminology received with the project in your own databases. Attributes such as the subject, relation, and project can be stored along with all language data, enabling you to find whatever you are looking for with the help of the filter settings.

Terminology Management Integrated by Default

In Across, you can store preferred terms as well as synonyms, definitions, and usage information. By determining misnomers, you can avoid words that are to be avoided for certain reasons from creeping into your texts. The translation editor shows you suitable terminology entries for the sentence that is currently being edited. In the translation memory, you can easily check in which context a word was used in the past.

Universal Translation Editor

In the translation editor, all relevant information is displayed in a clearly structured form. No matter whether you translate a Word or XML file or localize software, you always work in the same environment. Apart from the source text and the target text, you can see the search hits from the translation memory and the terminology database. Depending on the settings of your customer, the Across Translator Premium Edition allows you to use your own databases even when working in the Offline Client. With just a click, a preview can be generated for most formats in order to check the layout.

Transparent Project Management

Every time you set up a project in the Across Translator Edition, you will be asked to select the source texts, target languages, due dates, and quality criteria. During check-in to Across, source documents are split by format and content and analyzed. Optionally, matches from the translation memory can be inserted in the target text as pre-translation. Throughout the project period, you can monitor the progress of the individual subtasks. To check out your projects, you need the Across Translator Premium Edition. Once a project is finished, a report showing the workload, repetition rates, and quality can be used as the basis for controlling and billing.

Seamlessly Integrated Quality Assurance

The Across Translator Edition comes with numerous quality assurance functions. Certain error sources are analyzed and displayed during translation. Untranslated paragraphs and ignored translation memory entries are also analyzed automatically. The report at the end of a project can systematically present error types and sources, enabling the optimization of future projects.

Across Dashboard

With straightforward, configurable dashlets from various categories, you can get an individual overview of your projects and tasks directly on the start page. Dashlets can display translation and project management-relevant indicators or contain links to basic Across functions and webpages.

Integration of Personal TM and Terminology

The Across Translator Premium Edition allows you to use your own translation memories and terminology databases even when working in the Offline Client. When you do a job for a customer who has an Across Language Server, you can thus benefit both from the databases provided by the customer and from your own databases. In this way, you can use Across even more efficiently.

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Across Translator Edition

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