Detailed Across Knowledge for Your Reference

Our manuals feature detailed information on all functions and tools.

The user manuals cover both the Across Translator Edition and the Across Language Server. The functionality differences between the product editions are duly indicated.


Across at a Glance

"Across at a Glance" provides a quick and easy introduction to the basic concepts and features of Across.

Across at a Glance v6.3 


Across Step by Step

"Across Step by Step" is mainly intended for users who want to get acquainted with the basic operations in Across in an easy way. For this purpose, this manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions that guide you through the various operations.

Across Step by Step 



The "QuickStart Across Translator Edition" is intended to help you get a quick overview of the basic features of the Across Translator Edition.

QuickStart Translator Edition 


Administrator Manual

The "Administrator Manual Across Translator Edition" has been written for users of Across who wish to install and administrate the Across Translator Edition.

Administrator Translator Edition 

Online Help

Our manuals are also available via online help. Thus, you can easily search for information with a web browser.

Across Online Help v6.3

Migrate to Across

If you already have experience with other CAT tools and have migrated to Across, you will find useful information in the following document:

Tips for Translators who Migrate to Across