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Emerald Update

Across version 7 is entering its next round. The Emerald update comes with a number of great new features.

Bilingual Search in the crossTank Manager

As the translation memory gets bigger and bigger, the search for certain segments can get difficult. For this reason, we have introduced a bilingual search function in the crossTank Manager.Using this function, you can now search the source text and target text in one go. Subsequently, the results are displayed in a well-arranged form.

Bilingual Filter in crossView

The Emerald update enables you to apply, not only status-based filters, but also a content filter both to the source text and to the target text. You can filter by two operators—"containing" and "not containing"—e.g. in order to make sure that your translations are consistent.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

The use of keyboard shortcuts can make your work faster and easier. However, it is not always easy to remember the plethora of keyboard shortcuts of different tools. The Emerald update enables you to configure, export, and import custom keyboard shortcuts both in the user settings of the Client and in crossWeb.

Get Jobs from crossMarket in the ATE

To make it even easier to find suitable translation jobs and new customers, link the Across Translator Edition to your crossMarket profile. You will be notified of new jobs that match your profile directly in your work environment. This function is also available with the free basic membership on crossMarket.

Machine Translation and Post-Editing

You can now also use MT systems in the standalone mode of the Across Translator Edition. The translation environment in Across assists you in efficiently performing post-editing tasks. Get a quick overview of which paragraphs have already been edited manually after machine pre-translation and which ones not.

Information about the systems and licenses is available from the respective provider. At present DeepL, MantanMT, SYSTRAN and Google Translate can be integrated.

Quality Management Reloaded

Get an initial glimpse of the new interactive quality assurance module. It shows you exactly which errors your translation contains, and where. You can easily apply the automatic correction proposals with a click or manually correct the respective passages. In this way, you can evaluate and optimize the quality of your translations even more speedily.

Concurrently Open Multiple Tasks

Reduce the workload for the translation of smaller documents by simply opening them concurrently within a project. This also helps you to ensure the consistency of your translations.

Other New Features in Version 7

For an overview of the most important new features and changes in the Across Translator Edition v7 and the Across Language Server v7, please refer to our

PDF – What's New in v7

There are also numerous updates within a version to increase user friendliness. Read more in our Release Notes for Across Language Server and Across Translator Edition:

PDF – Release Notes

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