Software for Your Business

Here we have compiled a list of some useful tools that facilitate your daily work. Many of them are free of charge.

Please note that the applications below are the property of the respective providers and are not related to Across.

Netviewer Application

Our Sales department and the Support desk use a desktop sharing tool for online presentations and to provide assistance in the case of technical problems.

Download Netviewer Application2 MB

  • Open the application
  • Enter the conference number received from the Across support team
  • Enter the conference password, if available, or leave empty

Customer Management

The web-based customer relationship management solution enables users to query and edit customer data and orders via the PC or mobile devices.

Zoho is an office suite for the web browser. Apart from typical applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and project management, Zoho also features a CRM program, a wiki, and a database.


The free chat service of Microsoft supports IP telephony as well as video conferencing, file transfers, and screen sharing.

Slack is a chat system in which internal groups can be set up or subject-related public discussions can be conducted. Files can be exchanged via drag and drop, and the system can be expanded virtually without any limitation.

Accounting and Billing

FreeAgent is a web-based accounting application especially designed for freelancers and small businesses. The number of users and projects is unlimited.

SortMyBooks is designed for small businesses such as resellers, service providers, and accountants. The cloud solution enables working from different devices.

Wave offers cloud-based tools for accounting, payroll accounting and your finances. The software is designed for small businesses with up to nine employees.

Password Managers


All three password managers can be used for the encrypted storage of different login details, notes, and even credit card information. Password managers also help to generate secure passwords. Browser plugins enter the saved login details in the respective login dialogs with a click, eliminating the need for memorizing complex secure passwords.

The main difference of this software is the availability for certain platforms (Blackberry, Linux, etc.) and the connection of various cloud systems for exchanging passwords with your colleagues.

External Communication and Marketing

Using this web-based application, you can administer an unlimited number of social media profiles and pages. Several campaigns can be rolled out concurrently.

The social media control tool enables the central composition of contents and deferred publication in various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a click.

WordPress is a web-based application for creating and managing blogs (texts, images, videos) with extensive functions. It is also suitable for implementing small classic websites.

Ghost is a straightforward blog platform for publishing contents quickly and without any hassle.