Dons a Fresh Look – What Has Changed?

Press Report

Following the revision of last year, we have now redesigned our website for translators. Thanks to the fresh, modernized design and optimized usability, you will be able to find information even faster.  What is more, the new "Know-how" section features a wealth of material to help you get started with the Across Personal Edition.

If you have already been familiar with Across for some time, you might have noticed that the translator search no longer exists on the new website. This change reflects the frequently voiced request for removal of the partially outdated database. Currently, we are working on a better way to present our translators. From mid-November, you will be able to showcase your services and qualifications more attractively and be easier to find for customers.

Thus, the crossPoints qualification program has also been terminated. In recognition of the continuous expansion of their Across competencies, all who have collected 10 or more crossPoints will receive a little surprise from us in November.